History of the Pooncarie Field Day

The field day is held biennially & caters for the pastoral community of NSW & is a very important event for the region. It is not an economic venture but an event that arose from a need to assist the rural pastoral community deal with drought, isolation, commodity downturn & associated problems. The success & benefits of the 1st field day held in 1999 has seen the event grow in size & status to what is now regarded as "a must attend event".

The committee has remained determined to provide a low-cost day for the whole family. We provide free children’s entertainment & admission. Adult charges are kept to a minimum ($10) also as we need to attract families & young people. All catering is provided by local community groups so that all funds remain in the community for the benefit of the whole community. 

Exhibits must be relevant to the pastoral & rural community with the focus being on genuine, innovative & high quality products & livestock that will help stimulate diversification, improve landholder profitability & counter social isolation. Government initiatives, health, education, environmental, social & local art & craft exhibits cater for all age groups & needs.